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National operations

Offshore drilling
High-pressure and high-production wells have been drilled from the Cretaceous and Jurassic geological periods, including several high-temperature wells in the Campeche Sound, these wells have been drilled under a turnkey scheme and daily quota since 1990.
Lake drilling with drill barges
More than 300 wells have been drilled in the southeastern part of Mexico, including deep wells with high pressure, high temperature and high production of gas and condensate in the Tabasco area. Since the areas of the state of Tabasco are eminently floodable, access channels and locations in docks were built, providing all the support equipment and logistical control for a complete lake drilling operation.
Lake well repair
Several deep high pressure wells have been repaired in Mesozoic Tabasco, as well as 30 wells from the Tertiary period. All logistical support for a complete operation is also provided.
Land well repair
Several deep high pressure wells from the Chiapas-Tabasco Mesozoic era have been repaired. All logistical support is provided for a complete operation.

Marine division:

  • • Inspection based on non-destructive tests (NDT) of underwater platforms and pipelines, with the support of a dive boat.
  • • Maintenance of monobuoys for the loading of crude oil to tankers, with support from a workshop ship with special tools and a professional diving team.
  • • Transportation of equipment for marine hotels and perishable products, with the support of a supplier ship.
  • • Handling and transportation of equipment, materials and personnel for offshore operations.
  • • We have collaborated in semi-submersible drilling with international companies.

International operations

Mainly exploratory wells have been drilled, both for Delta Drilling Co. with drill barges in Louisiana, USA, and in Belize, CA with onshore drilling equipment for Central Resources and Phillips Petroleum Inc., respectively.
The company currently has a good technical group, made up of expert personnel, who have reinforced their knowledge, both with training within and outside the country, and with immediate application in the various fields of operation. In this human development, the aspects of Industrial Safety, Quality Control and Preservation of Ecology are of relevant importance during our intervention and even after the projects that have been entrusted to us have been completed and put into operation.

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